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Drowning in Data?

11th December, 2018

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Information overload, but none the wiser?

Having access to information does not necessarily mean you have access to Intel.

If you need to analyse data from different departments in various formats and reports to ensure they’re running at a profit – you’d be forgiven if you’re feeling slightly overwhelmed.

Drowning in data and still no real insight?

This situation is common and can occur when a business has different software for different departments and needs to track expenses/outputs for each one. Correlating the data across departments so you can actually see the big picture is the challenge and can result in a plethora of spreadsheets.
The problem with relying on spreadsheets is:

  • They often drill down so far you can’t see the big picture. It can be very difficult to step back and say “that project is on time and on budget”.
  • They can require expert skills. Most people can perform simple functions such as sort, filter, and sum, however extrapolating data can require complex formulas and a greater skill level.
  • It can be time consuming. Manually importing, manipulating, checking, and merging data in spreadsheets can be a big job. Time better spent doing other tasks.
  • They are prone to human error, and the more the data is manipulated, the more likely. This can result in significant losses.
  • Once you have downloaded data to a spreadsheet there can be a security risk as the level of access rights has been removed. Even passwords can be hacked by simple third party applications.

Integrated Business Management Software - ERP

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Business software which integrates all aspects of a business and is able to produce customised reports and dashboards that would be enable you to view the status of a project/department in real time. Greatly increasing the ability to make smart decisions immediately - not in a weeks’ time.

MYOB Advanced is a cloud based ERP solution that integrates all departments, branches, locations on a single database. It can be customised to suit your unique business processes and because it is cloud based you can access the data from anywhere. At home, the airport, at a sales meeting, on the phone, anywhere you have internet access. It is scalable so you can grow and stay in control and there is a vast array of add-on modules that integrate seamlessly. Being cloud based, the sky is the limit. 

Not all ERP Software is the same. We'd be happy to show you how MYOB Advanced can be tailored to suit your business. 

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